Whether you’re entering a home or an office, you enter through the door. Thus, doors assume prime importance in our lives. Because we fully understand this, we offer you a range of doors that will help you enter a new era of your life, thereby renovating it.

ASIS doors are covered with imported membrane foil which is filled with solid seasoned hardwood-composed battens using Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin. Along with strength, this also ensures that our doors don’t warp and are also water proof.

  • Available in custom sizes for bulk orders
  • Made with treated kiln-dried hardwood exceeding 650 kgs/CBM
  • Both interior and exterior varieties are available
  • Weight bearing capacity of 22 kgs per sq.m. for 35 mm thickness
  • Made for imported PU resin
  • High quality imported PVC membrane foil used for surface lamination
  • Vacuum pressure treatment (VPT) with preservative chemicals
  • Highly moisture resistant
  • Ready to use factory finish product
  • Solid-moulded to ensure strength
  • Free from splitting, shrinking and cracking
  • Warp free
  • Waterproof
  • Elegant and easy to use
  • Aesthetic, elegant and highly durable
  • Easy to maintain – neither polishing nor painting required
  • Termite proof
  • Borer proof
  • Weather proof
  • Maintenance proof
  • Very cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly

Important Specification

  • Thickness of door: 32 mm, 35mm &40mm/ Thickness of Door skin:4mm.
  • Size of Door: 774 mm x 2150 mm, 850 mm x 2150 mm and 926 mm x 2150 mm
  • Size of door skin: 900 mm X 2100 mm
  • Types of door and door skins: 2 panel, 4 panel and 6 panel
Properties Flush Door
IS: 2202 (BWP)
Moisture Content (%) 10 – 12
Water Resistance 72 hrs boiling (3 cycles of boiling & cooling)
Flatness of Shutter
(twist, cupping and wrapping)
not more than 1 mm
Local Planess
(surface smothness)
not more than 0.5 mm
Impact Indentation not more than 0.2mm by a weight of 0.5 kg
Flexure resistance
(residual deflection)
not more than 2 mm
Edge Loading
a) residual deflection
b) Lateral Bucking
not more than 0.2 mm
not more than 1.5 mm
Shock Resistance no visible damage after 25 blows of 5 kg
Bucking Resistance
a) Initial Deflection
b) Residual Deflection
not more than 40 mm
not more than 5 mm
Slamming of the Shutter no visible impact after 25 impacts of 15 kg
Misuse of the Shutter no permanent deformation after the test
Varying Humidity
(adverse weather condition)
dimensional changes within 5 %
End Immersion no delamination after immersion
Adhesion of Plies excellent
Glue Adhesion no delamination of the glue line
Screw Holding Strength (kg.) 125
Thickness available in (mm) 25, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 45